Singapore Sling

My Souvenir, can't get home without one...

Besides shoes, another addiction I have is traveling; I know, I know I have the most expensive “hobbies”. I really enjoy going around and get to know new places or simply return to others that have marked me in a way.

This time I’m in Asia, my first stop is Singapore. I have been dreaming with this trip for several years and finally… here I am, excited and ready to find trendy stuff! – Although still struggling with the jet lag-

Singapore for me, it’s a big cocktail of styles, cultures, architecture and food. I really liked its cosmopolitan way of living and beautiful Orchids just complement perfectly the scene. 

The Orchard Road is a dream for shopaholics as myself. All the local and world wide premium brands are here –more than 20 shopping centers and 5000 stores- Its mind blowing and impossible to walk it in one day, nevertheless I made my best effort and I took some pictures of the best displays I found in my way. 


  1. Singapore Sling is hotel Singapore Long Bar is a perfect venue to enjoy delightful dishes.It is very good restaurant in Singapore..

    1. Yes! It is...That's why I decided to named this post after it.
      Thank you,


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